Terms & Conditions

Rates are in Euro and include:
- VAT, Local taxes
- Third Party Insurance
- Unlimited mileage
- 24hr Breakdown assistance
- Replacement Vehicle in case of breakdown
- One baby / booster seat
- Road maps
- Delivery and Collection

Optional Extras:
- Baby seat
- Booster seat
- Car charger USB
- Additional driver insurance
- Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.)
- Tyres & Windscreen (T.W.) protection insurance
- Low Collision Damage Waiver (L.C.D.W.) (reduces the excess by 50% in case of damage)

Collision Damage Waiver
Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) Full insurance with excess according to car group that reduces the renders’ liability for damage to our vehicles. (Does not cover damage caused to the windows, windscreen, glass, interior, wheels and/or tyres, the roof or undercarriage). If the Collision Damage Waiver insurance is not selected, the renter remains responsible for the whole amount of the damage.
If, according to police or insurance, the accident is not renters’/driver's responsibility no amount is to be paid.
Excess amount according to car groups:
A, A1, B1 €500 | C1, D1 €600 | E1, H1 €1000 | D2, G1, K1 €1500 | L1 €2000 | P €3000 |

Car type
Reservations are only accepted by car group and not by car make / model. Specific car models are subject to availability at the time of pick up.

Driver / Driving License
Drivers must produce a full valid driving license for their country of residence, held for at least three years. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that he / she has the appropriate driving license.

Cars should be returned with the same fuel level. Fuel level will be advised on pick up and noted on agreement to avoid any fuel charges.

Responsibility of driver
1. Deliver the vehicle in the same condition and with same tyres and equipment as of the day of agreement.
2. Follow the Cyprus Traffic Code and must not use the vehicle for street racing, on rough terrain or sand, or other place that may cause damage to the vehicle or is prohibited by law.
3. Allow the driving of the vehicle exclusively by the drivers listed on the agreement, who must not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or other substances.
4. Is responsible for any fine or penalty due to violation of traffic code.
5. Keep the vehicle locked at all times. In case the vehicle keys are lost, destroyed or stolen, the renter shall pay for their replacement (keys-keylock).
6. All vehicles are not allowed to drive off road and to the Akamas Area. If you do the excess amount will be charged and all damages will be paid in case of accident and customer has to pay for their own transportation from the scene of the accident.

Return of Vehicle
You must return the Vehicle to our rental office or other location we identify, on the date and time specified in this Agreement, and in the same condition that you received it. If the Vehicle is returned to any other office or location or left somewhere other than the office or location identified by us, you remain responsible for the safety of and damage to or loss of the Vehicle until we inspect it. In addition, you authorize us to charge your credit or debit card a one-way charge or service fee plus any additional costs incurred by us in the return of the Vehicle.

Northern Turkish occupied area of Cyprus
You may take the car to the Turkish part of Cyprus, but please be aware that insurance companies do not offer any cover there. The car will only have a third party, limited, insurance that is arranged by Turkish police at the official check points. Driving to the north occupied part of Cyprus is done at your own risk. S.V.C. Cyprus Voyage Services Ltd is also unable to offer you there any support both in case of breakdown or an accident. S.V.C. Cyprus Voyage Services Ltd has the right to claim from the Hirer any amount to cover the whole damages caused in the Northern occupied area of Cyprus.

Damage / Accident
1. In the event of damage to the vehicle, the driver must notify S.V.C. Cyprus Voyage Services Ltd immediately on the emergency number provided. Under no circumstances should the vehicle be moved unless instructed by a police officer. Should you move the vehicle the insurance will become invalid and the renter is liable for all costs. Should another vehicle be involved, the local traffic police must be notified before either vehicle is moved.

2. In case of accident and it is customers fault S.V.C. Cyprus Voyage Services Ltd bares no commitment to change or replace the Car. No refund to be made. Customer has to pay for their own transportation from the scene of the accident.

3. In the event of accident or damage to the vehicle (this includes tyres, windscreens, windows, undercarriage) the driver/hirer remains responsible for the first € ……....... and S.V.C. Cyprus Voyage Services Ltd has the right to deduct from the card No. ............. ............. ............. ............. of the renter the maximum amount of the excess to cover damages sustained to the vehicle.